Martin Hunt leading a walking tour in The Dolomites in Italy

Martin Hunt: Principal Guide UK and abroad.

Adventureline’s founder Martin Hunt was born in Dartmoor National Park in Devon and has always been a passionate explorer of both his local haunts and also much further afield.

Skills of natural observation and a sense of adventure were handed down to Martin by his parents Harry and Catherine, who loved walking in the Dartmoor National Park and along the Devon and Cornwall coasts.

Over many years, Martin has aquired an immense knowledge of all things natural and some rather more esoteric! Melding nature, history and story telling into an art, Martin was destined to become a nature guide and a conservationist.

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Rachael Hunt, Martin's daughter

Rachael Yuille Hunt

Rachael, now a Mum with two boys is well versed in the running of Adventureline, having been involved one way or another for as long as she can remember! Before she had children, she worked guiding with Martin in Cornwall, Morocco and Spain.

Having travelled the world extensively herself and with a degree in Broadcasting (currently she’s a health care worker at the local hospital, helping with the vaccination programme), she is very capable in many diverse fields.

Her responsibilities include promotional activities on Social Media, website content and other marketing channels. In this way, she provides valuable “back office” duties and general support for Martin.

Luca panaro, guide for Adventureline

Luca Panaro: Amalfi, Tuscany, Lazio and Iceland local Guide.

Luca is a graduate in Geology and an official Italian hiking guide and a Nordic Walking Instructor. He works as a guide in Italy, Spain, Norway, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Namibia, Iceland and Argentina.

Luca is a fully qualified Walking Group Leader Trainer for The National Association of Hiking Guides, teaching individuals to become guides. This work is very important to him and he is committed to enabling trainees to improve the quality of service, especially in Italy.

Luca shares Adventureline’s philosophy, values, ethics and passion for Nature and (especially) ‘good local food’. In fact for Luca, it is a huge pleasure to prepare tasty healthy picnics in some of the most beautiful landscapes… he’s waiting for you in Iceland, Tuscany, Elba, The Dolomites and The Amalfitanian Coast.

Gabriele Salari, travel consultant for Adventureline

Gabriele Salari: Umbria Travel Specialist (Italy).

A Journalist, writer and travel specialist, Gabriele works principally in Rome as Italy’s Greenpeace Press Officer. However he regularly returns to his ancestral home amongst the beautiful olive groves in the foot hills of Mount Subasio, Assisi, where San Francis was born.

From this passion for Umbria came his acclaimed book “Diario Umbro” (unfortunately only in italian!) – followed by many more books about nature and the environment, all written in this peaceful hilly region.

Besides his current work, Gabriele enjoys assisting groups in Umbria, to discover a region full of Roman and Medieval history and art, nature and good food. As a foodie, he’s very keen to share with us the best cusine in the area.

Giulio Cuccioli, guide for Adventureline

Giulio Cuccioli: Norway and Portugal local guide

Our Associated Guide, Giulio, is an official Italian Hiking Guide. He spent 7 years in London gaining his degree and working practice. He has many years experience organising and leading successful tours to various countries within Europe. Giulio is a natural leader and excellent naturalist – endowed with sensitivity and personal warmth. He is exceptionally accomplished and very enthusiastic to share his knowledge and skills with us.

On our Lofoten Walking Holiday, Giulio is our Guide and Chef. Being Italian he loves food, and we benefit from his culture of great tasting cuisine blended with Norway’s healthy, natural produce, this creates a delicious fusion of ‘Viking meets Roman’. Like all great Chefs, Giulio prepares our evening meals with passion.

John Sidgwick Cotswolds guide

John Sidgwick: Cotswold Local Guide.

John lived in The Cotswolds for some 27 years, although he now resides back in Cornwall and in New Zealand during the northern hemisphere winters. He has a keen interest in all things local, which has gained him an immense store of knowledge that he happily imparts with an infectious enthusiasm. His ‘all round’ interest in many diverse subjects, together with a wicked sense of humour, make John an ideal local guide and walking companion.

John is one of Martin’s oldest friends, having both met in the wonderful and heady days of surfing in Cornwall, back in 1970, now over 50 years ago! They still get back in the water together sometimes too…

John and Martin have led many walking holidays together in The Cotswolds and in Morocco and who knows where you’ll find them next!

Mike Stuart Spanish guide for Adventureline

Mike Stuart: Picos de Europa (Spain) Local Guide.

Mike is a fully qualified Mountain Leader and has great experience walking, skiing, climbing and mountain biking in The Picos de Europa and surrounding area in all weather.

Brought up in England he was given his first grounding in mountain craft by his famous mountaineer father Ian Stuart, who has been on various expeditions around the world, including the Himalaya and Mount Everest with Sir Chris Bonnington. He moved to Spain in 1991 with his wife Lisa, who runs the hospitality side of their business, and their 2 children. They prepare magnificent home cooked feasts for us every evening.

Trevor Toms in Dorset

Trevor Toms, Dorset and Nepal Guide.

Trevor and Martin have done a lot of trekking/hiking and skiing together – in The Alps, Morocco, Nepal and of course – Dorset. It was very obvious that he was the man to run our Dorset and Jurassic Coast holidays, which are a new venture for 2018 – and which we hope to expand in the future. Trevor will also accompany the Nepal trek in 2019, giving us the opportunity to perhaps tackle two different treks, to suit varying degrees of ability. Trevor has enjoyed a career that has included professional photography, bespoke kitchen construction and interior design. His great love is exploring Dorset and his wife Kate runs a lovely Georgian B&B in old Shaftesbury, this making an ideal base for these holidays.

Goffredo Filibeck, travel consultant for Adventureline

Goffredo Filibeck: Italian Travel Consultant.

Graduated in Natural Sciences at Rome University Goffredo has a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology from Florence University. Since 2006, he has lived and worked in Viterbo – as a Professor of Plant Ecology at the local university.

Goffredo met Martin in Morocco in 2001 and since then they have designed many tours together in Tuscany, Lazio, The Dolomites, Sardinia and Sicily. Goffredo loves to share his enthusiasm for the manifold variety of Italian landscapes, history and cuisine in the places he is particularly fond of, such as the romantic shores of Maremma (Tuscany) or the remote valleys of South Tyrol (Dolomites, eastern Alps).

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