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Southern Tuscany, Italy.

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Fully guided walking and exploration tour of Tuscany’s more remote and unknown beautiful places and the area’s culture and history.

From the Mediterranean coast and islands, north through Etruscan Tuscany, to the beautiful “Val D’Orcia’ around Montalcino and Siena – and finally the famous “Tufa Countryside” around Sovana, Pitigliano and Sorano.

Join us on this lovely guided walking and general exploration tour of Tuscany’s more remote and unknown beautiful scenery and wildlife, culture and history. As well as visiting a couple of well-known Tuscan gems, we will tour artisan vineyards and farms, producing outstanding wines, olive oil and salami’s, etc.

We have been running Tuscan tours since 2001 and so we really do know the area well – we get off the beaten path visiting charming small towns and villages, the fascinating Etruscan and Roman ruins, local farmers and the beautiful and bountiful nature and wildlife of this region. Not so many visitors achieve this… so you will see and experience an un-spoilt and authentic Tuscany.

Our Southern Toscana (Tuscany) guided walking tour starts on the West Coast of Central Italy, in the southern part of Toscana, in the beautiful “La Maremma” Mediterranean coast, then going on to the stunning Val d’Orcia region and as far north as the lovely renaissance city of Siena, before heading back south a little into the Etruscan Tufa district.

Italy is not only the land of Art and History; it is also the land of Biodiversity. More than 5,600 plant species grow here (the UK has only 1,500). More than 400 bird species can be observed – and large mammals like the Wolf, Brown Bear and Wild Boar still inhabit the forests of Italy.

The climate of Italy is very varied – from the glaciers of the Alps – to the subtropical coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. At this time of the year the weather in Tuscany is usually very pleasant, we can expect average temperature of 21C (70F) during the central hours of the day and the mornings & evenings around 10-15C (50-59F).

We will stay in 3 stunning locations:

Firstly, at a waterside location at Porto Santo Stefano (Monte Argentario); then a charming Agriturismo (farm) near Siena – and finally in the tufa area in an ancient 11th century castle (now a boutique hotel) in the small and incredibly situated hill town of Sorano.

Porto S. Stefano is on a unique island connected to the mainland by sand bars, with the beautiful La Maremma Natural Park and Giglio Island close by.

The agriturismo is in the countryside a few miles south of Siena near Buonconvento in the famous “Crete” clay hills, with cypress avenues, vineyards and olive groves.

Sorano is a small, yet remarkable Etruscan and Medieval town, built on a spectacular “rocky spur” of volcanic tufa between two converging canyons.

All three accommodations during this tour offer private facilities and have been carefully selected by us.

From these bases, we will tour every day by minibus and on foot to the most interesting places of Southern Tuscany. The area of the first part of the tour will approximately coincide with the district called “Maremma”, a harmonious landscape of unspoilt woody hills, pleasant olive groves, vineyards – and hidden Etruscan ruins.

Our itinerary will also include visits to some other interesting districts: the amazing volcanic Lake of Bolsena, the truly Mediterranean Isle of Giglio and the fascinating Val d’Orcia – this latter being one of the most famous landscapes of Italy, with rolling clay hills dotted with old farmhouses and vineyards and lines of cypress trees, surprisingly rich in small Renaissance towns.

To give you time to really savour the whole experience in Tuscany, we have designed the itinerary to give you some free time in Porto Santa Stefano, lovely Pitigliano, half a day to explore Siena or Montalcino, and a little time to wander the alleys of old Sorano.

Southern Tuscany has a special reputation for food and wine. Here you can taste typical dishes such as “Wild Boar with tomato sauce”, “Pici all’aglione” (hand-made pasta with garlic and tomato sauce), “Roe Deer cooked in wine sauce”, “Acquacotta” (which literally means “cooked water” – a typical soup made of onions, tomatoes, celery, oil and bread), “Agnello a buglione” (Lamb Stockpot), many pasta dishes and pizza.

No problems for vegetarians, traditional cuisine includes a lot of completely vegetarian recipes. On the days when we provide picnics, we’ll have a spread of fresh local produce to lay out at some beautiful spot and enjoy our lunch totally “al fresco”.

All of our past guests have been amazed at the quality and variety of the food served at our chosen hotels and restaurants, and the “al fresco” picnics we concoct. Wines are really high quality too.

We shall hike through the vineyards where the grapes that make excellent wines such as Morellino di Scansano, Bianco di Pitigliano, Aleatico di Gradoli – and the famous Brunello di Montalcino – are grown. We will have the opportunity to taste and purchase them, together with excellent locally produced olive oil. We will also visit an organic olive oil producer and witness the processes involved in olive oil production.

We hope you can join us next time we plan a tour here. Tuscany is a really magical place!

€2,250 euros per person based on shared occupancy.
Single room supplement of €309 euros.
Our tour price covers everything, with wines included.

  • All participants of our International holidays will be required to sign a Liability Release form upon arrival at the destination.

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