Iceland Walking Tour - Interior and Exterior


2022 dates: Sept 15th – 29th, 14 nights

 Visiting the magnificent wonders this incredibly beautiful island has to offer.

icelandWe will spend the first two nights in Reykjavik, then 11 days circumnavigating Iceland, followed by a final night in the capital. We will be travelling in a comfortable 4WD 18 seat ‘Mercedes Sprinter’ with USB charging points overhead on all the aircraft style comfy seats. Our experienced driver Bjarni has all the skills to safely transport us on this wonderful expedition around the island. He knows all the back roads like no one else and with this special vehicle, we can access remote and rough places that ordinary cars can’t…

Joining us will be my very good Italian friend/guide (almost a brother!) Luca Panaro, who many of you will know from our many walking tours together in Italy, Patagonia and Norway. Luca has conducted numerous circumnavigations of Iceland over the last few years and, together with our local driver/guide Bjarni, he and I will facilitate your explorations magnificently. Luca and I have run many tours together over the past 12 years or so – and we share a joyful rapport together that will enrich your experiences and always keep you cheerful!

Everything about this trip is an amazing adventure – visiting many of the most magnificent wonders that this extreme island has to offer. We will stay in hotels and good quality lodgings as far as is possible, although in a few of the remoter places, we will have to stay in mountain refuges and huts. However, this is all immensely enjoyable and it is the only practical way to experience some of the great natural wonders that lurk far off the beaten track of this volcanic island – that actually sits atop the ever spreading Mid Atlantic Ridge.

icelandBreakfast, lunch and evening meals are provided throughout the tour, except for two night’s dinner in Reykjavik and at 1 hotel while on tour and 2 lunches en-route while on tour. 

The formula for this tour is itinerant, travelling nearly every day to explore new locations. It is a true overland experience. Sometimes we will jump out of the bus to admire the view and take a short walk, or sometimes we’ll enjoy an adventurous longer trek through a stunning wonderland. The gradients are normally fairly low and well within the scope of any competent and healthy walker. Typically, we might walk between 3-4 hours per day and other days will have more travelling. In fact, simply driving through this wonderland is an adventure in itself. However, due to the “ups and downs” of Iceland’s rugged trails, it may feel as though you have actually walked rather more on a few days. It is important to have a good hiking backpack (with waterproof cover) that will hold the usual essentials: also good footwear, windbreaker and waterproofs, fleece, hat & gloves, a little fruit or chocolate and your water bottle, etc. A full packing list will be provided. There are viable alternatives if you do not want to participate in any of the excursions in full. 

Luca and I will reveal the hidden wildlife and explain the basics of many concepts for you in an interesting and light-hearted way, so that Iceland’s history, coasts, geology and landforms, and wildlife really come alive. Both Luca and I are keen geologists… which in Iceland is a real bonus, as Iceland is the youngest and most exciting geological landscape on earth. Luca will cook up wonderful evening meals for you on most nights, that will naturally incorporate Italian fine dining with local produce. On a few nights, we’ll eat in local restaurants for a change. Our lunches will usually be picnics, or sometimes taken in local restaurants.

And so we will have no constraints to stop us penetrating some of the wildest and most unbelievable landscapes on earth – experiencing bare nature at it’s finest.

If you have painful knees or suffer unduly from vertigo, do consider your suitability for such a holiday. Some walks include paths up/along steep sections or are through rough scoria (volcanic scree) and over lava fields. 


Please contact us for our fully detailed pdf brochure.
All participants of our International holidays will be required to sign a Liability Release form upon arrival at the destination.

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2022 Dates: September 15th – 29th (14 nights). £3,925 per person. 2022 price will probably rise a little.














Bjarni and Luca – they will keep you amused!








Martin by the glacial lagoon below the Jokulsarlon Glacier 

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