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Each main month of the holiday season, May to September.

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Phenomenal walking holidays around Cornwall’s dramatic coastline, moors and countryside – personally guided by local guides, Martin and Ross Hunt.

Porth Chapel beach in CornwallHave you ever dreamed of going on a Cornwall Walking Tour? After several long years of Covid and the resultant travel restrictions, imagine now walking through Cornwall’s natural wonderland, bathed in natural wonders, every step of the way. Adventureline pioneered the very first walking tours here 36 years ago and really know this patch of earthly paradise extremely well.

Martin’s ‘in depth’ knowledge of Cornwall (and its varied micro climates) gained over many decades of exploring, enable him to select the best area to explore each day, so that you can immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of the dramatic Cornish coastline and moorlands, its breathtaking scenery, history and wildlife – and as Martin usually knows where to find the sunshine, you’ll probably enjoy it in good weather too! And now Martin is beginning to hand over his skills to his son Ross, who has led several tours this year already. Ross has grown up for 43 years watching and learning from his Dad!

For the past 36 years, Martin has shared Cornwall’s incredible countryside and her wild Celtic charm with thousands of guests from all over the world. Many of them have regularly told Martin that Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen and explored on foot and they become regulars – returning time and again – and very often then taking one or more of Martin’s tours further afield.

Cornwall juts out almost 100 miles into the Atlantic Ocean and is Britain’s most southwesterly point. Bathed by the Gulf Stream, it is consequently the mildest part of the United Kingdom. Due to Cornwall’s unusual shape and her varied geological makeup, it makes for ever changing scenery, also creating a strange phenomena unique to the west country coastline – individual peninsulas sticking out from one much larger peninsula, and that is Cornwall. Stunning new vistas await you around almost every turn of the coastal footpath. In a county only 90 miles long, there are surprisingly about 15 different types of geology – and every type creates its own unique landforms and scenery. Consequently, most visitors are very surprised at the sheer variety of scenery that Cornwall exudes. The wildlife is spectacular and from late April onwards, there are astonishing arrays of wild flowers (many of them quite rare) that will literally take your breath away.

One of the many remarkable things you’ll experience when on a Cornwall Walking Tour, is that here in Cornwall, we have a rich legacy of industrial archaeology, as well as a lot of prehistoric archaeology. Centuries ago, Cornwall was at the heart of the industrial revolution (although you’d hardly know it these days) and the remains of old tin and copper mines dot the landscape in places – and it was this landscape that inspired Winston Graham to write the famous Poldark novels, now made into a popular television series, loved all over the world. Much much older are the numerous ancient sites, where people from the Stone Age upwards through The Bronze and Iron Ages (circa 10,000 BC to 500 BC) have left their enduring marks in the form of ancient settlements, chambered burial tombs, standing stones and circles, quoits, and other megaliths. In the far west of Cornwall there is a stunning farming landscape designated the finest untouched prehistoric landscape in Europe, where field boundaries made of ancient granite date back over 4,000 years.

Nanjizal Bay, near Lands End in West CornwallCornwall is renowned for its bird life and sub tropical gardens, all of European and International importance. Martin’s overall aim is to give his guests a comprehensive look and immersion into what Cornwall is all about (and has been throughout its long history), through many centuries, up into the present day. Walking though the landscape, we often drop down to remote coves and beaches at our picnic lunchtime – where you may like to take a refreshing swim, or explore the beach, rock pools and sea caves. Alternatively, you could sit back amongst the wild flowers on the cliff top, observing the seals (and perhaps dolphins), birds and the breath-taking views.

If you particularly enjoy wild flora, the best times to take a walking tour in Cornwall are between May and mid summer. However, even after mid summer has passed, there are still many flowers on display, especially the maritime heathers which cloak the cliff tops in many places from mid summer until late autumn, often forming a unique phenomena known as ‘wavy heath’.

Up on the high granite moors, there are ‘Tors’ – giant rocks, exquisitely sculpted into staggering shapes by weathering over thousands of years  – sometimes balanced so finely that one can rock a boulder weighing many tons, simply by standing on it and shifting one’s weight.

Whatever you choose to do during any ‘down moments’, our Cornish walks offer time to relax from the rigours and stresses of everyday life. You will meet ‘like minded’ hikers, stay in excellent accommodation, eat fine locally produced food, enjoy healthy invigorating exercise – and discover nature at its finest. Below in the (expandable) gallery is a further glimpse of Cornwall’s spectacular scenery.

Crantock PoppiesYour walking tour in Cornwall is important to us and our goal is to make it decision free and relaxing (yet empowering) for you. Included are 7 nights character Cornish accommodation, tasty cooked breakfasts, excellent evening meals (not included with B&B options), five memorable days of stunning walks guided with bonhomie by Martin, with healthy packed lunches and refreshments (Martin’s sandwiches and snacks are legendary!) and transport to and from the walks. We take care of everything for you.

We normally walk Mondays through Fridays, with Saturday reserved for travel to and from Cornwall and Sunday being a free day for rest, personal exploration and/or possibly recovering from a long journey to get here!

Martin’s overall aim when conducting his Cornwall walking tours has always been to share with you what he has found beautiful, magical and inspirational to him. Not only walking, but looking at and immersing yourself in the rejuvenating nature and spirit of Cornwall, quite rightly designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


We promise you holiday experiences in Cornwall that you’ll treasure for many years to come – ones that will give you a burning desire to visit Cornwall again and again. We measure our success by the fact that a large number of our guests regularly do return – often over and over again. As an example (above), see Martin with a group of women from British Columbia – in a Cornish poppy field (in June). As a group, they have now toured with Adventureline some 6 times… and a few of them individually, 8 times.

Butter Cove along the Cornish coastRegularly filmed in Cornwall are the popular TV series, “Doc Martin” and “Poldark”. Liked hugely in Germany are Rosamunde Pilcher stories, also filmed here. Modern German writer Elizabeth Kabatek writes a blog in which she mentions us:

Many other famous writers and artists have found their inspiration in Cornwall, such as Barbara Hepworth, Bernard Leach, John le Carré, Patrick Gale, Daphne du Maurier, Mary Wesley, Arther Quiller-Couch, Derek Tangye, EV Thompson, John Betjeman, William Golding, Thomas Hardy and AL Rowse – and many others too numerous to mention.

Come and find your own inspiration – on a Cornwall Walking Holiday. And perhaps one day you too will create something memorable!

Prices for our Cornwall Walking Holidays in 2023 ranged from £1,000 per person in B&B’s (with evening meals at your own expense) – rising to £1,308 if staying in a good hotel. A single room supplement applies at some accommodations. The various options and prices for 2024 will be provided when requesting our Cornwall brochure – Contact us here.

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Algae covered granite boulders in CornwallSee Adrian Cabello’s remarkable little film of Cornwall’s many moods here: Vimeo
Special thanks to Adrian and Andrew and his team at Radium Audio for the amazing mix and sound design.



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