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Adventureline’s founder Martin Hunt was born in Dartmoor National Park in Devon and he has always been a passionate explorer of his local haunts – and also much further afield. Skills honed from growing up in the wilds of Dartmoor, of observation and a sense of adventure, were handed down to him by his parents Harry and Cathie, who loved walking in Dartmoor National Park and along the spectacular Devon and Cornwall coasts. Over many years, Martin has acquired an immense knowledge of all things natural and some rather more esoteric. Melding Nature, History and Story Telling into an art, Martin was destined to become a nature guide and a conservationist.

Martin’s aim has always been to enable as many people as possible to appreciate, love and protect the one and only home we all inhabit. His balanced perception of “Life on Earth” has given him a purpose, for he realises just how delicate the dividing line between survival and extinction actually is. However, although he may possess serious intent, he deals with it lightly…

For 36 years now, Martin’s walking and exploration holidays have proved popular with adventurers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Informally, yet with skill and humour, Martin and his friends and colleagues reveal the complex relationships of landscapes, people and their history, flora and fauna in his beautiful home county of Cornwall (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and in several other enchanting environments in the UK – and further abroad too. The results are unique walking holiday experiences, amongst excellent company – which refresh both body and mind.

Adventureline has been highly acclaimed on many travel programmes on British, American and German television, on radio and in newspapers and magazines worldwide. Martin always bring the local landscape alive, connecting you with all aspects of nature and wildlife, history, local cultures and traditions – and of course, all the unique regional gastronomic specialities, which form an integral part of all our tours. Adventureline was born from a passion for wild and beautiful landscapes and a desire to share them with others. Promoting conservation and protection of the environment, comes not only from a sense of duty or obligation, but from the joy that stems from the privilege we’ve had in experiencing some of our Earth’s incredible wonders. We believe that only by becoming fully aware, are we driven to protect that which we love.

Our mission is to provide exceptional guided walking adventures in some of the most beautiful wild and cultural/historical landscapes, and to contribute significantly to the conservation of these special places.


We strive to follow a business philosophy that guides our day-to-day operations, which is is broken down into four areas:

1. We enjoy our work on a daily basis and put everything into it.

2. We aim to provide prompt, helpful and friendly customer service.

3. Our fundamental aim is to enrich our guests’ lives.

4. We promote long-term sustainability of ecology, economy, and community.

Thanks for your support and happy walking!

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