Adventureline Walking Holidays

Cornwall, England
Isles of Scilly, England
Dartmoor National Park, England


Plus in 2020

Portugal Coast
Andalucia (South Spain)
The Picos de Europa (North Spain)
Umbria (Central Italy)



Our 2020 holidays

Portugal, Alentejo Coastal hike: March 21-28
Andalucia, Southern Spain, April 4-18.
Cornwall, all 8 weeks (right), Apr through Sept
Picos de Europa Mountains, Spain: June 7-16
Isles of Scilly, May 29-5 June and August 17-24
Dartmoor, July 26-2 August
Iceland, September, Sept 3-17
Umbria, October 1-14 

If you prefer more gentle adventures with not so much walking, Priscilla Allen owns Wanderlust Nature Travel in New England and is known personally to us and we can highly recommend her.

During 2020, she is offering the following destinations:

Tanzania Safari

Amazon Cruising
Utah and The Grand Canyon
Scottish Highlands
Tuscany, Italy

Cornwall Guided Walking Holidays and Tours with Martin Hunt – a real local expert

2020 Cornwall dates below and all tours here 

Martin’s comprehensive and thorough knowledge of Cornwall and its unusual micro climates enable him to select the best areas to explore each day, so that you can immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquillity of the dramatic Cornish coastline and moorlands, its wild scenery, history and wildlife – and probably in good weather too!

For well over 3 decades, Martin has shared Cornwall’s incredible countryside walks and her wild Celtic charm, with thousands of guests from all over the world. Many of them have regularly informed him that Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen and explored on foot – and many of them return time and again. We believe that to really appreciate a place, it’s best viewed through the eyes of someone who not only knows it well, but simply loves it!

Cornwall is a perfect area for a walking holiday and Martin is your ideal tour guide. Here are the available dates during 2020:

Cornwall, April 25-2 May

Cornwall, May 9-16
Cornwall, May 16-23
Cornwall, June 27-4 July
Cornwall, July 4-11
Cornwall, July 11-18
Cornwall, Aug 8-15
Cornwall, Sept 19-26

Walking the World with Adventureline

We have more than thirty years experience and offer a wide and varied range of expertly planned tours, walks and treks to choose from.




Top Destinations

Martin Hunt




Since 1988, Adventureline’s guided walking and exploration holidays have proved popular with adventurers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, because Martin is fun to be around – having a wealth of knowledge and experience which he enthuses about.

Informally, yet with skill and humour, Martin Hunt and his friends and colleagues reveal the complex relationships of landscapes, people and their history, flora and fauna in his beautiful home county of Cornwall and in many other enchanting environments in the UK and further abroad.

Increasingly over the years, the local unique varieties of food and wines (and oils, etc) have featured more and more on Martin’s tours. He always tries to get to the bottom of what makes any area and its people tick – and that’s why Martin’s tours are always so much fun to be on.

Over the past 30 + years, many guests have returned over and over again, often becoming good friends. Our repeat figures run at well over 60% per year, which says something.

Martin is always interested in others, so you will be appreciated and enjoyed too, for whoever you are and wherever you come from. Martin’s groups often turn out to be an International mix, which makes for a dynamic and fun group to be a part of.

This Month’s Featured Holiday

Isles of Scilly

2020 dates:
My 29th – June 5th (fully booked)
August 17th – 24th

After running our intimate walking and exploration holidays on the beautiful Isles of Scilly for some 16 years now, we invite you to join us during 2020, when we have two dates available – and the August week can be added to a CORNWALL WEEK – for a unique experience that will literally blow you away with it’s great variety, beauty and tranquility.

The Isles of Scilly are some 30 miles out in The Atlantic, off Lands End in Cornwall. They are an exquisite archipelago of hundreds of granite isles – some five being large enough for human habitation. About 2,500 people live here year round. Unusually, the islands lie low in the water and so this is a relatively easy holiday – even for those who are not particularly energetic – the highest point being just 165 ft above sea level.

Most of the islands have many fine white sand beaches and enchanting footpaths that wind their way around the shore and the interior of each island. The vegetation is unusual too, being almost sub tropical in nature – for these islands have a mild climate, being bathed by the Gulf Stream. Many of the islands have an incredible array of prehistoric sites too.

Our guesthouse is situated right on the shore and most rooms have sea views that face the beautiful sunsets that these islands are famous for. The quality of the food is also superb and forms a major part of the holiday! Why not join us?


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